Get your own reusable payment code.

Step 1: Get a wallet

Reusable Payment Code technology is currently only available on Samourai Bitcoin Wallet available on Android. Download Samourai today to gain access to the latest advancements in Bitcoin, including (BIP47) Reusable Payment Codes.

Step 2: Retrieve your payment code

A reusable payment code is created based on your 12 word wallet mnemonic, so every Samourai Wallet has one. You can find your payment code within Samourai by following these instructions.

  1. Tap the button on the main screen of Samourai Wallet
  2. Tap the button
  3. Tap the on the top right of the screen to reveal your payment code

Step 3: Add your payment code to

Adding your payment code doesn't impact your privacy. Add your payment code so other users can find you, connect to your code, and start making payments that don't reuse addresses or require address sharing ahead of time. Payment codes are the latest version of 'Stealth Addresses'.